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Dr. Shweta Agarwal

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Dr. Shweta Agarwal

MD Homoeopathy

"Dr. Shweta's Homoeopathy Clinic" is one of the renowned and best homeopathic clinic in Navi Mumbai providing effective homeopathic treatment. Dr. Shweta's Homoeopathy Clinic is a reputed name that has been serving the people with its top-notch treatments services that can put an end to patients overall health problems by working with team of best homeopathy doctor in Navi Mumbai. We are always committed to providing satisfactory & effective treatment to the patients and also offer online homeopathy consultancy for distant patients.

Our experts account the holistic approach towards the patient and utilize the best approach to manage and cure the medical condition. Homeopathic remedies help to stimulate the body’s natural and self-healing power to repair and regenerate itself.

We at Dr. Shweta's Homoeopathy aims at practicing evidence-based homeopathy and strives hard to provide patients with an affordable and effective remedy. We are well known for best homeopathy doctor for Sinusitis, Tonsilitis, Migraine, Eczema, Psoriasis, Growing pain, Poor growth, Poor appetite, Poor concentration, Constipation, Indigestion, Irrtiable bowel syndrome, Skin allergies, Food allergies, Recurrent cough cold, Bronchitis, Hair faal, Fibroadenoma(lump in breast), Fibroid(lump in uterus), Pcod, Acne, Hair fall, Melasma, Irregular period, Leucorrhea, Joint pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, Mood swing, General weakness, Renal stone, Lipoma, Uncontrolled diabetes, Poorly controlled hypertension, Joint pain, Back pain, Enuresis, Oedema, Liver disorder, Kidney disorder, Respirotory diseases, Breathlessness, Heart diseases etc Our efficient team of experienced doctors opts for the best approach to cure chronic disease and ensure great relief while eliminating the root cause of the medical condition.